Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wounded Heroes Charged for Treatment?? REALLY?

I hope that my wife doesn't get too mad at me about this post. I promised her a travel blog, not a political commentary, but this I couldn't pass up.

Please excuse the links, but I wanted to make sure that everyone was provided with a fair and balanced amount of information. NYT, Yahoo, Foxnews, CBS, Youtube, and a few blogs. (Spoiler alert, this post has nothing to do with travel.)



I just thought that people ought to know more about this. Nothing on the nightly news. Radio doesn’t talk about it. But this is where the country is heading under the current administration. No matter what your political affiliation, these men and women are the reason that we have the everyday freedoms that we enjoy. Are we once again (Viet-Nam) willing to kick them to the street? Are you willing to allow the individuals that are fighting for YOUR freedoms to end up panhandling on the side of a highway to make sure that they can afford the deductibles that private insurance companies have? And this after the administration signs in bills that provide medical insurance for children that are already covered, favorable policy to help unions maintain their leverage over struggling businesses, and approx $800 BILLION in stimulus that a large amount of the US didn’t agree with.

Oh and by the way, while this is going on, the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi's most news worthy priority is trying to save her local newspaper that hasn’t been able to keep up with the changing times or technology.


Or worried about her travel arrangements.


Or, not worrying about the facts, (FYI, there are only 300 million Americans)





Sorry for the political commentary on a travel blog, but I got so fired up by the first article that I couldn’t really think of anything travel wise to write. I promise I will make it up to everyone in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pics of hotel across from Disneyland

Thought that I would just share some pictures from my time in California.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shopping for Luggage

I'm going along and looking for my next best piece of luggage. (I go through at least two bags a year.) I found a couple of different sites that I haven't looked at before, but I still think that I am going to stick with either my Eddie Bauer carry-ons or my newly found, (and right now working out great), Heys. I've been using Eddie Bauer for 5 years, but the Heys is giving it a run for it's money.

Below are some of the sites that I found while looking around.

Top six items from consumer search.

Personally, I can find better items at at least half the price at Target. And the Eddie Bauer collection has held up better than most of these that are listed here.

Here's some luggage advice that's good advice, just make sure that you are finding the bag that is right for you, not just one that is listed in the article.
Page 1
Page 2

Also, make sure to compare prices at eBags.com before you buy anything. It takes a couple of days for it to get shipped out, but the money you save sometimes is really worth it. I usually find my best deals on this site or at Target.

Staying Cheap In Cali

So, it's been a while, but I promised my wife that I would get better at this blogging thing.

So, I'm currently staying in California. I am currently staying a couple of miles from Disneyland and the other surrounding attractions. I'm staying for $90 a night in a room that could sleep a family of four. Queen bed and fold out sofa, but you could still sleep four. It also has a mini kitchen and with the way that things have been, I was able to use my grocery card and buy three nights worth of dinner for $20. Restaurants in the area charge at least $15-20 for one meal.

So here's a thought for all of you that are looking to get out of town for spring break. Save the money for the tickets to the parks and local attractions. Stay at a Town Place Suites (or any place that has a kitchen set up). Bring your shopper cards (did your know that Kon's is tied into Tom Thumb?). Go to the parks, get the kids tired and come back to the hotel and cook a home cooked meal (by the way, the maids do the dishes) and spend time together as a family at night.

Most hotels have AV plugs on the back of their TVs, so you can download some movies to the Zune or I-Pod, plug in the DVD player, and save the cost of renting a movie in the room. (But they do have the latest releases and for $12.99, they are cheaper than movie tickets for two to any theater.)

Hope this helps anyone looking to travel a little cheaper for spring break.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TSA and Travel

Travel these past couple of weeks has kept me really busy and I haven't really been able to keep up with the blog. My resolution, keep up with the blog and provide some good travel info. So here's the start.

First up, this website will provide general flight delays for a specific airport. Keep in mind that flights from other airports could have some bearing on your flight, but this at least gives you an idea of the times at your local airport, especially during the winter weather that we are having right now.


Ever wonder what the security lines are like. I'm not saying that this is 100%, but it will give you some sort of idea for the time that you are traveling. (Keep in mind, Monday morning and Friday evening are always a little busier than what the numbers say.)

Now, off to the window to take more frozen pictures of Montreal. Temp right now -17. That's right, -17 ( and that's before the wind chill).